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We aim to 'pre-walk' and risk assess all routes no more than 48 hours before the scheduled walk. Until this has been done, a walk will be marked as 'PROVISIONAL'. Once the pre-walk has been done, the walk status will change to 'CONFIRMED'. Please remember to check the walk status before setting out - contact details are at the foot of the page.

Wednesday 23rd January 2019
Sheldwich 1

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Public Toilets:

Status of Walk:
​​​​A lovely walk in this quiet and unspoiled area, initially crossing farmland to a pretty church, then walking in a magnificent dry valley and visiting Selling before returning to Sheldwich.
Cricket Ground, Lees Court Road, Sheldwich Lees ME13 0NQ
TR 0150 5608
Start/Finish Point - parking considerately on the edge of the grass.
OS Explorer 149 Sittingbourne and Faversham
None on route
The Red Lion PH, Badlesmere (No pub in Sheldwich)
Here is a map of Wednesday's walk from Sheldwich. The route was pre-walked today (Monday) and assessed as safe for walkers. The distance is 5.72 miles.

There are several sections of road walking on this route; an early section after Badlesmere Court; a second on the Perry Wood road after the ascent of Shepherd's Hill, and a third section on Vicarage Road in Selling, to Hogben's Hill. All of these are very quiet roads. There is also a section of Selling Street, but this is on pavement, and a few yards right at the end of the walk on Lees Court Road. Walkers must remain vigilant and listen to instructions at all these points.

All other walking is on country footpaths and woodland tracks.Ground condition on the pre-walk was good; dry and firm, following a hard frost. There is some rain forecast overnight Monday/Tuesday, so there may be a little more mud than today but there is a hard frost also forecast for Wednesday, so conditions are not likely to be much changed. Walking boots or waterproof and supportive shoes are essential, however, as there is rough ground, but the use of a walking pole or poles to aid balance is optional.

This is a moderately difficult walk, there being two climbs of note. The first is the ascent of Shepherds Hill,
which is quite steep at the start, but becomes much gentler, and the second is a more moderate climb back out of the dry valley to Lees Court Park. There are no difficult descents.

Gates and footbridges are in good condition throughout. There are only two stiles; the first appears good but was not tested today as the neighbouring gate stood open. The other is broken, but it is easy to step over the wire instead.

Sheep were encountered on the pre-walk, but there were no cattle, although there have been in the past. Most cattle have obviously now been taken in for the winter, so it is unlikely any will be present on this walk day. There are no issues with crops or vegetation.

At the time of writing, the forecast for Wednesday is overcast and very cold, with a moderate breeze. There is little chance of rain, but walkers should of course consult a forecast closer to the time and dress appropriately. Please heed the above advice re footwear, etc., and as always remember to bring water or a soft drink.